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far away i hear the rhythm of a song

far away i get the feeling i belong, and so do you. banjos, beards, and the avett brothers *i own nothing on this blog* if you would like/know a credit, just ask*

  • Down With The Shine
  • The Carpenter [Target Version]
  • The Avett Brothers


Down With The Shine | The Avett Brothers

A belly full of high dollar wine, a fat hand, a fat wallet too
Things change and get strange, with the movement of time.
It’s happening right now to you

"It was very disarming to me to watch this. It felt very heavy. So I watched, and she stayed buried in her friend’s arms the entire time, and she came back up, and you could tell that it was something rough in her life. And then, of course, we kick into this other thing, and everyone around her is kind of going crazy, and it’s almost like nobody around her even noticed what I was noticing there. And then she started bouncing out of it and breaking out of it and dancing. And all the crying turned into this sort of battle cry and this awesome joyful thing that was happening. I and her and Seth—everybody was just kind of part of that, taking part in it. It was so much more about what is between us, than her or me, or him and me. That moment, that connection is great proof to me whenever I get a bit lost, wondering what in the world I’m doing or who I’m playing to."

-Scott Avett when he noticed a girl at a concert crying during “Living of Love” (via patientbalancedfinekind)

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